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Give Your Home a Spa Day

LAKE COUNTRY SOFT WASH provides soft washing services for clients in middle Georgia and the surrounding areas. Our owner and operator, Greg Miller, is certified by SoftWash Systems and believes that soft washing is a safer alternative for your property over the high-pressure options.

Soft washing is a step up from standard pressure washing. We create a customized cleaning solution on your site based on the types of dirt, stains, mold and other issues your property may have.

The solution that we mix is more of a treatment that we use to kill the mold and fungus. We also add chemicals to help quickly dissolve spider webs and other insect nest. Everything is simply rinsed clean afterward.

Since we use eco-friendly cleaning ingredients, the residue turns back into carbon or water in 21 days or less. We take every detail into account when we address the needs of our clients. You can expect the same dedicated service when you call us to work on your property. If this interests you, please get in touch with us right away.

Mission and Vision

Here at LAKE COUNTRY SOFT WASH, we value safety, integrity, efficiency, and accountability. Our number one goal is to keep customers happy; customer service is our highest priority. Because we are committed to their satisfaction, we always go above and beyond, allowing us to maintain our stellar reputation.

Our company takes tremendous pride in providing customers with the highest levels of workmanship and professionalism, along with fast, reliable, and courteous customer service.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Find out why homeowners, business owners, and property managers trust our services. You may read their reviews and testimonials below.

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